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Beta Readers/ Flat fee Proofread Edits

Beta Readers/ Flat fee Proofread Edits

For this service:

I will read/ edit your book for the following:

-  blatant inconsistencies
- reader feedback/ constructive criticism 

- thoughts on characters/ plot (for fiction)
- quick last minute line edits ie. typos, common grammar/ punctuation errors and awkward sentences.


~beta readers fee is free. $40 is for flate fee proofreading. ~

* IMPORTANT : beta readers are not professional editors- however, are to be viewed as one of your "first readers" to give you a thorough review of your book BEFORE publishing. 


* Beta readers/ last minute proofread edits should be AFTER your novel or book has been edited by a developmental or copy editor for formatting and intensive rewrites. We are here to serve as your first reader JUST before publishing to the world ! 


* Typically a 2 week turn around time depending on word count.

* Best sent through google docs for efficiency.


*You will recieve an email within 24 hours to discuss delivery time and your timeline for your book.  


    No refunds on zoom call payments, but I am happy to reschedule your call given a 60 minute notice. 

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